Step forward for a new start!

FHIM New start is a community wide project run by a Charitable Christian organisation dedicated to enabling, empowering and positioning people in the right path of opportunities and success in life.

What We Offer

  • We can enhance people’s chances of employability through
  • CV development
  • Help with improving interview skills
  • Offering guidance and assistance on how to rightly complete Job Applications forms and Person Specifications
  • Assisting in securing voluntary work placement
  • We help people achieve a boost in their self-confidence, feelings of self-worth and enable them fulfil their life potentials through our proactive self-development workshops

  • We offer the right career advice, assist people in setting appropriate life goals and offer guidance on how to achieve set goals through our mentoring support service.
  • We provide a comprehensive holistic befriending and outreach Floating Support service to those who are vulnerable or feeling isolated from the society
  • We offer free legal advice UK and depending on the level of work involved, we have Solicitors who can assist pro bono in the following areas of law:
  • Welfare benefit entitlements
  • Tenancy rights
  • Accomodation assistance UK
  • Employment
  • Housing 
  • Immigration
  • Criminal law 
  • We can assist the vulnerable, the elderly and people who are unable to read and write complete official forms.
  • We provide advice and offer support and assistance to people fleeing from domestic violence
  • We work in conjunction with other agencies, service providers and employment services UK to enable the positive resettlement of ex-offenders back into the community

For further details about a specific service, please click on the relevant service information.

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Our Partners

We provide people the opportunity of a new start through working in partnership with Local Authorities, various charities and voluntary organisations. Here are some of the organisations we work with in order to make a difference in people's lives:

Form Filling Service

We offer form filling assistance to vulnerable people, the elderly and those who are unable to read and write.


Training for Housing Jobs

We can enhance your chances of securing employment in the Public Sector Housing section and also with Advice agencies.


Self Development

The New Start Empowerment Workshop is targeted at motivating and influencing an individual to change his or her mindset from negative to positive.


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Alternately you can contact FHIM New Start on +44 2038242452