The central aim of FHIM New Start Befriending Service / Floating Support is to enhance the quality of a person’s life by supporting and promoting his/her welfare, personal development, wellbeing and self-improvement.

The Service Aims and Objectives:

  • To offer floating support to the single homeless or other vulnerable young adults and older persons who have been either identified as homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • To encourage interaction and inclusion within the community and assist in reducing referred client’s feelings of isolation and insecurity
  • To assist befriended candidates build their confidence, develop and maintain positive relationships with others in the community
  • To increase better social connections and social contact within their community
  • To enable candidates to build on their feeling of positive self-worth through proactive mentoring and coaching support
  • To promote and encourage candidates to participate in a range of activities; help them identify their existing skills and abilities, and assist in building on it to increase chances of achievements and success in life
  • To identify opportunities for life skills improvement and assist in helping to improve employment possibilities through encouraging candidates to participate in life skills training and job search related training
  • To encourage the capacity to cope with new experiences that will afford candidates a new start in life and increase their overall success through mentoring and coaching
  • To enable candidates to reflect on the decisions they make in life; assist in considering the influences and impact such decisions might have on them and on others within society
  • To support a vulnerable homeless person to actively change their negative lifestyle through encouragement to engage with other support agencies - i.e. agencies that offer help for substance misuse/alcohol problems
  • To enable resettlement through providing support and assistance in finding privately rented accommodation
  • To provide other necessary support identified as necessary for the enabling and empowering candidates to have and sustain a new start in life
  • To improve and develop the service in-line with the needs of referral agencies candidates

Types of Activities/Support Offered Will Include:

  • Going to the Job Centre and Local Council. Contacting government agencies -i.e. HB, Council Tax on behalf of candidates
  • Assisting with completion of HB and DWP forms to ensure rents and bills and paid
  • Assisting with keeping appointments with GP and or appointments with other support services within the community
  • Attending workshops and job fairs with candidates to help improve job skills or gain new skills
  • Going for coffee or lunch to encourage candidates to interact and live an inclusive life within the community
  • Organising visits to places of interest around the local community and encouraging candidates to participate in activities that could help build confidence and promote self-worth and self-value
  • Assisting with shopping; facilitating and providing other activities that might influence positive resettling of candidates within society.

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Form Filling Service

We offer form filling assistance to vulnerable people, the elderly and those who are unable to read and write.


Training for Housing Jobs

We can enhance your chances of securing employment in the Public Sector Housing section and also with Advice agencies.


Self Development

The New Start Empowerment Workshop is targeted at motivating and influencing an individual to change his or her mindset from negative to positive.


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