Most single homeless applicants are not entitled to housing assistance from local authorities. With housing benefit restrictions for those under age thirty-five, and the unwillingness of landlords to rent to the single unemployed, most single homeless individuals find themselves in a position where it is virtually impossible for them to find a roof over their heads. Far too many end-up on the street. In the bid to survive some take to crime, placing themselves in a revolving door in and out of prison. As part of the New Start Empowerment Workshop program, we offer the following help and assistance to the single homeless

  • Assistance finding privately rented accommodation
  • Managing expectations through highlighting the reality of the possible immediate and long-term effects of homelessness
  • Educating young adults to the reality of lack of assistance from local authorities—due to the possibility of not meeting priority need criteria under the homelessness legislation
  • Advocacy assistance on homelessness and on housing related matters for those likely to meet local authorities priority need criteria
  • Providing life skills training and support targeted at equipping young adults to take more responsibilities and control over their lives
  • Conflict resolution whenever possible between young adults and their families to prevent exclusion from the family home.

Applicants must be willing to engage in the New Start Self Development Empowerment Workshop program to qualify for our help and assistance with finding privately rented accommodation.

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Form Filling Service

We offer form filling assistance to vulnerable people, the elderly and those who are unable to read and write.


Training for Housing Jobs

We can enhance your chances of securing employment in the Public Sector Housing section and also with Advice agencies.


Self Development

The New Start Empowerment Workshop is targeted at motivating and influencing an individual to change his or her mindset from negative to positive.


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